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This project is a 3rd-party project and is not affiliated or endorsed by React or Firebase and their owners, Alphabet and Meta.

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Firereact is hooks, component and utilities library for Firebase and React.


  • Very lightweight, unpacked size when unpacked, npm min bundle size when minified, npm minzip bundle size when minified+gzipped
  • Supports Javascript and Typescript
  • Supports Auth, Firestore, Functions, Providers and Storage.
  • Provides hooks such as useUser for Auth or useDocument for Firestore, which can listen to realtime changes as well
  • Provides custom components such as <FirestoreDocument /> or <StorageDownloadLink /> to keep the logic simple and/or avoid unnecessary rerendering
  • Provides Providers such as FirebaseSuiteProvider, FirebaseAuthProvider or FirestoreProvider to access Firebase service instances anywhere in the component tree without relying on global variables or prop-drilling
  • Comprehensive documentation


You can use npm to install firereact:

npm i firereact


Firereact is licensed under the terms of MIT License.