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useDocument Hook

useDocument hook is used to retrieve a single Firestore document. A very simple example would be:

const docRef = doc(firestore, "collectionName", "documentId");
const { loading, snapshot, error } = useDocument(docRef);

By default, useDocument retrieves a document only once. If you need realtime updates, you can set options.listen to true as below:

const { loading, snapshot, error } = useDocument(docRef, { listen: true });

Input Parameters

Input parameters for useDocument hook is as follows:

Name Type Description Required Default Value
reference firebase/firestore/DocumentReference Reference to a document in Firestore. -
options Object Options for the hook. See the following parameters.
options.listen boolean Whether to listen to realtime changes of the document or not. false
options.listenToMetadataChanges boolean Whether to listen to realtime changes of the document as well its metadata. See here false


options.listen is false by default to prevent unnecessary READ queries from Firestore.

Return Type

useDocument hook returns an object with properties as below:

Name Type Description
loading boolean Whether the hook is loading the document or not.
snapshot firebase/firestore/DocumentSnapshot or undefined Snapshot of the retrieved document.
error firebase/FirebaseError or undefined The instance of error if any.


Only firebase/FirebaseError is caught if any. error will not be an instance of another type.