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useDeleteFile Hook

useDeleteFile hook is used to delete a file from Firebase Storage. A very simple example would be:

const reference = ref(storage, "path/to/remote/file.png");
const { dispatch } = useDeleteFile(reference);
await dispatch();


useDeleteFile is lazy by default and will not do anything until you use dispatch function.

You can also listen to the state:

const { state } = useDeleteFile(reference);
await dispatch();
// `state` is "ready" | "loading" | "done"

Input Parameters

Input parameters for useDeleteFile hook is as follows:

Name Type Description Required Default Value
reference firebase/storage/StorageReference Reference to a file in Storage. -

Return Type

useDeleteFile hook returns an object with properties as below:

Name Type Description
state "ready" | "loading" | "done" The state of the deletion process.
dispatch () => Promise<void> A callback to start deletion process.