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SignOut Component

You can use SignOut component to sign out an already signed-in user. The simplest usage would be:



SignOut component listens to your authentication state automatically and reflects the changes.

You can also render specific components depending on the state.

  onReady{(dispatch) => (
    <button onClick={dispatch}>Log Out</button>
  onLoading={() => (
    {/** component/spinner to render while loading */}
  onAnonymous={() => (
    {/** component to render when anonymous */}


By default, onReady renders a button with text Sign Out while onLoading and onAnonymous renders an empty component.


Anonymity is handled differently in Firebase and, thus, in this component as well. See "On Anonymity" section in useSignOut hook to get a grasp of it. You can also pass a onlyRealAnon: boolean parameter to this component to change this behavior.

Input Parameters

Input parameters for FirestoreDocument component is as follows:

Name Type Description Required Default Value
auth firebase/auth/Auth Auth service instance. -
onlyRealAnon boolean Only react when user is null. See this section. false
onReady (dispatch: () => Promise<void>) => ReactNode The component to render when it's ready to sign out. (dispatch) => <button onClick={dispatch}>Sign Out</button>
onLoading () => ReactNode The component to render while it's loading. An empty component.
onAnonymous () => ReactNode The component to render the user is anonymous. An empty component.